Code: enrich your digital solutions with disrupting functionalities

Enrich the Olympe platform’s features with new bricks for your enterprise marketplace. Do so by coding new features into pre-existing bricks or by creating your own from scratch.

Coders meet CODE.

Make a difference

With CODE, create tangible software in a matter of days. Enjoy smooth scaling and deploy your software to as many users and devices as necessary. Thanks to CODE, you can go as far as building an entire software ecosystem for your business.

Increase efficiency

Bring your tech and business teams closer together for more efficient collaboration. Deploy your systems in real-time, collect feedback and achieve the desired result in no time.


Easily connect your systems to your Olympe solution through your own gateway code. Migrate your systems to Olympe. Or connect your systems while awaiting a full migration. The choice is yours!

Real-time Engine

Discover the power of building real-time systems with fully synchronized data in a matter of days.

In a world where nothing is static and data needs to be shared in real-time between applications and devices, you will enjoy how fast this is done with Olympe.

A few lines of code will take you a long way with Olympe’s real-time engine.


Your solution’s data can be shared through a peer-to-peer network between devices and apps in real-time. Say goodbye to server limitations:

Highly Secure

From all standard enterprise authentication and security mechanisms, up to blockchaining transactions as your business requires.

Connect External Systems

Besides straightforward web service integration, you get access to a NodeJS gateway server to connect to any system:

– From ERPs to legacy databases

– New advanced data analytics or Artificial Intelligence

 Keep full control over integration, from slow to real-time systems.