Code: enrich your digital solutions with disrupting functionalities

Enrich the Olympe Platform features with new bricks for your enterprise marketplace, whether integrating specific data systems or building disrupting functionalities.

Coders meet Code.

Make a difference..

Tangible software in days, and smooth scaling. Build a coherent software ecosystem that lives your enterprise

Do more with less..

Work better with business through live specs to converge faster to the true needs, and without limits

..And connected

Easily connect systems to make them real-time for your apps, control your own gateway code. Migrate at your own pace

Real-time Engine

Discover the power of building real-time systems with fully synchronized data in a matter of days.

In a world where nothing is static and data needs to be shared in real-time between applications and devices, you’ll enjoy how fast this is done on Olympe.

Only a few lines of code can do a lot when riding on the Olympe real-time engine.


Application data is shared LOCALLY between devices and apps. Apps collaborate on the real-time backbone.

Distribute and orchestrate application logic & processing where it makes the most sense. Offline / Online made easy.

Scale and organise your application ecosystem much better.

Highly Secure
– including Blockchain

From all standard enterprise authentication and security mechanisms, up to blockchaining transactions as your business requires.

Connect External Systems

On top of straight forward web services integration, you get access to a GATEWAY server (i.e. NodeJS) to connect to ANY system:

– From ERPs to legacy databases

– Up to new advanced data analytics or Artificial Intelligence

This way you have full control on integration. Leverage real-time at the pace required by business.