Create your digital solutions effectively

Real-time all the way: Draw your prototypes, connect your data, get help from experts and coders, iterate, industrialize

For business and tech to draw the RIGHT applications FASTER.
Visually assemble your screens, business logic and data models. It’s already running. Live collaboration between designers, business analysts, developers,..


Each skillset contributes live to the final product


Drag and drop programming by connecting re-usable bricks


Easily connect systems to make them real-time for your apps

Concept drawing –
screen flow editor

You have an idea to dig into. Draw some screen, assemble together, share with others to contribute. Iterate until it makes sense to involve more expertise for UX, data management and software logic. Learn along the path from other team members.

User Experience – 
Design editor

A lot goes into creating stunning user experiences. Every design you make in Composer is executed as is, without possibilities of mis-interpretations with developers. The design guidelines are applied throughout the set of applications. Real-time you can actually experiment with end-users, iterate much faster to be sure to converge fast to the optimal experience. Create interactive design you didn’t think possible. 

Algorithms & logic

Choose what fits best for you and your team:

Visual programming: From every object, its properties are computed from functionalities assembled visually from the enterprise marketplace of re-usable bricks.

Advanced coding: Code new features into bricks, whether for server-like features or to accessing further data. Make your bricks available for visual programmers. Go beyond.

IT Orchestration

Orchestrate your applications within your environments to build the optimal enterprise ecosystem. Decide what data to share with the relevant parties.

Orchestrate data: Connect the enterprise data you need for your apps. Import / export data through a few clicks.