Industry 4.0
The real-time factory, 
new products at new speed



How: new speed of product design cycles

What: machine-processes-human collaborative ecosystem



How: visual development & coding combined, real-time data flows

What: apps that run on any device



How: distribute processing where it makes most sense

What: digital twin of physical assets

With Olympe, reduce your maintenance costs and optimize production. And once you have achieved affordable industrial automation, you can provide your target market with a disruptive offer in terms of price, quality or both. Welcome to industry 4.0.


Challenges in the industry 4.0 business


Businesses in the industry are often burdened and slowed down by obsolete infrastructures, money and time-consuming processes and information silos. In order to overcome these difficulties and boost their business, they need to modernize their infrastructures, make their processes more efficient and increase their productivity.


Our approach to turning your business into industry 4.0


Our belief is that in order to succeed, you need to be able to operate all your assets in a single place and get rid of the clutter to optimize your performance and increase your productivity.


Digital twins


With the Olympe platform, create digital twins for all of your company’s physical and digital assets. If each of them is represented in your Olympe project, you are on your way to much better management. You will be able to operate your business through real-time applications. Indeed, digital twins make your assets more traceable, meaning you can monitor your activity in real-time and collaborate with all your stakeholders (people, machines, processes) with no latency period or transmission time.


Distributed ecosystem as a service


The Olympe platform has a decentralized architecture, which means that your software is not powered nor is your data processed by a central machine or group of machines.

As a result, if the system is temporarily down or compromised, your data remains safe and your software can continue to operate, which adds elasticity and peace of mind to your business.

Our decentralized architecture also increases your computing power, adding scalability to your software should the volume of data and/or users ever increase significantly.


Blockchain as a service


The Olympe platform offers blockchain bricks so you can save and export data to GuardTime’s private blockchain. GuartTime’s technology is more powerful than others and can support a larger amount of transactions per second. This not only makes your projects more scalable; it enables you to support industrial use cases.

The fact that it is a private blockchain also makes it more secure, so you never have to worry about the safety of your data.


Here is how you can use our blockchain feature:

  1. Generate data (e.g. input information in your system such as the arrival of container A in port 2).
  2. Save this piece of data in GuardTime’s blockchain. This piece of data, and any other, is immutable. No data can be created, modified or deleted without you being notified.
  3. You then receive proof (a file) that you can use to make sure this information has been saved on the blockchain. People with the right authorization can use this file to make sure container A did indeed arrive at port B.


This results in your system being completely transparent, with data available and traceable in real-time.

The Olympe platform’s competitive edge lies in the fact that it is:

  • Device agnostic: deploy your software anywhere, the exact way you want it to (no discrepancies across devices)
  • All in real-time: all your data is synchronized in real-time across all your systems
  • Easy to integrate with your legacy systems: the heterogeneity of your IT environment is no a longer an issue

A new approach

Start small, draw running prototypes in hours. Think big, distributed systems in days. Any device.



Drawing is universal, perfect to iterate on screen flows between business & tech teams.



Developers extend the living spec by focusing on where their skills matter most.