Olympe is appealing for proposals from investors to raise 7 million Swiss francs in order to support its international expansion. 

Investors – series A

Our investors raised a first seed of 550,000 francs in 2016. Since then, Olympe successfully completed its research and development phase and rolled out its innovative platform for digital transformation within some multinationals. With a positive balance sheet for almost two years, Olympe now wants to fulfil its dreams of growth. This new fundraising will allow Olympe to accelerate the European and international commercial development, and strengthen the platform of tomorrow, continually meeting users’ new needs.

Investors willing to contribute to the Olympe adventure can communicate their interest to seriesA2019@olympe.ch. We are looking forward to welcoming the two or three investors who will be best able to support the international development of Olympe.


Useful documents


Want more information about us before getting in touch? The following documents should provide you with everything you need.

  • Our corporate presentation: download here (coming soon)
  • Our investment pitch: download here (coming soon)
  • Our marketing datasheet: download here (coming soon)
  • Our technical datasheet: download here (coming soon)


Olympe provides a new way for businesses to re-invent themselves and fulfil their ambitions. Technological developments needn’t be intimidating. The Olympe platform empowers people to turn their ideas into tangible digital solutions and accelerate business transformation while guaranteeing a final result aligned with core business needs.

Olympe places the power of software development in everyone’s pocket.

Our mission is simple: talented people working together, businesses thriving, satisfied users and customers and technology for everyone.