Innovative technology


With the Olympe Platform, create better software faster. The Olympe platform is the best of agility and orchestration.


A unique platform for all your teams


Your users can choose between using DRAW and/or CODE depending on what they are trying to achieve and depending on their coding skills. Those who require a no-code platform can use DRAW, while others can use CODE. DRAW also has different editors to suit the various skills in your teams. Among these editors, you have:

  • UI editor to design your products and solutions, assemble your screens and connect your data
  • Logic editor to define your project’s applicative logic
  • Data editor to define your business objects, their attributes and relations


Full stack technology


Olympe has revisited all of software development’s basics to make it simpler, quicker and more cost-efficient.


Scalable and distributed products


Our platform’s scalable and distributed architecture means your projects can be as complex and can handle as much data as you wish. Be ambitious! Olympe is right behind you.


Everything in real-time


You can create and operate enterprise software faster than anyone else because everything on our platform is in real-time. Design, deployment, data synchronisation, you name it. Specs and software logic are living data, and enterprise data is orchestrated and locally shared between apps. Nothing is written in stone anymore.


For anyone to draw their apps:

  • Visually assemble screens, business logic and data models. It’s already live.
  • Iterate through visual collaboration your business and tech teams via the same platform, but through dedicated editors.

Discover Draw


For developers to code where it matters:

  • Extend the Olympe Platform with new tailor-made bricks and integrations. It’s your ecosystem.
  • Disrupt: code deep tech, either distributed systems or new interactions.

Discover Code

All the way to production, visual development, software systems, and coding combined. It’s running.

Want to know more about the Olympe platform and its components? Download our datasheets:

  • Business datasheet (coming soon)
  • Technical datasheet (coming soon)