Every company and every employee will be tech-empowered. Olympe is the backbone making it happen, within the company and across companies.

Our company history

Passionate about technology and programming, Laurent Chatelanat and Antoine Forel made the bold decision to make development accessible to all. It had become their ambition to give anyone the means to convert good ideas into tangible innovative digital solutions.

At night and during weekends, they created the Olympe platform. An environment where business and technical teams collaborate in real time to deliver impactful enterprise software incredibly fast. We call it “Digitalizing by Doing”.

Olympe’s vision

Everyone benefits from the democratization of technology and programming. Those without a programming background can visually build software (in DRAW) and trust the platform to translate it into distributed logic. Technical teams can work up to ten times faster. By leveraging on a valid proof of concept to code (in CODE), they can scale small ideas into global tailor-made digital solutions.

Olympe provides a new way for businesses to re-invent themselves and fulfil their ambitions. Technological developments needn’t be intimidating. The Olympe platform empowers people to turn their ideas into tangible digital solutions and accelerate business transformation while guaranteeing a final result aligned with core business needs.

Olympe places the power of software development in everyone’s pocket.

Our mission is simple:

  • Talented people working together
  • Businesses thriving
  • Satisfied users and customers
  • Technology for everyone

And this is just the beginning.

Meet the team