5 weeks instead
of 18 months – Oil & Gas



How: blockchain processes along the supply chain

What: highly secure collaborative system



How: visual development & coding, real-time data flows

What: 10+ apps that run on any device



How: distribute processing where it makes most sense

What: digital twin of physical assets

With Olympe, make your supply chain as efficient and secure as possible. Increase transparency and forecast reliability. Reduce your error margin and operational costs. Detect fraud instantly. Improve customer satisfaction.


Challenges in the supply chain


We are aware that some of the main challenges in the supply chain sector are:

  • Accurate tracking of physical assets
  • Sensitive data processing
  • Operational efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness


Our approach to making your supply chain more efficient and more secure


The Olympe platform has two core components that will address these struggles.



Having a distributed ecosystem secured by blockchain technology play a crucial role in establishing trust and security. Data is safe and immutable which prevents fraud and errors. The entire system benefits from secure workflows so you can improve compliance with the various regulations, requirements and industry standards.


Edge computing

Deploy Olympe Virtual Machines (OVMs) on your sensors or gateways, and process sensitive data directly on your physical assets for IoT simplification. Edge computing also improves system response time which will significantly increase your system’s efficiency, while saving your bandwidth at the same time. Do more with less.


Both blockchain and edge computing will provide you with a transparent, more accurate overview of your processes so you can reduce your error margin and make better forecasts.

Beyond these two components, the Olympe platform enables continuous delivery, which means your system and data will be updated and deployed in real-time. The Olympe platform also provides integration with your legacy systems, saving you the headache of having to choose whether to opt for compatible tools that do not otherwise meet your needs; or rewrite your entire ecosystem which would use up a lot of your resources (time, money, people).

A new approach

Start small, draw running prototypes in hours. Think big, distributed systems in days. Any device.



Drawing is universal, perfect to iterate on screen flows between business & tech teams.



Developers extend the living spec by focusing on where their skills matter most.