Collaborative systems at scale



How: blockchain transactions wherever needed

What: a fully trusted supply chain



How: visual development & coding combined, real-time data flows

What: apps that run on any device



How: distribute processing where it makes most sense

What: digital twin of physical assets

With Olympe, make logistics management incredibly easy and efficient. Keep track of your goods’ whereabouts in real-time, with little or no need for physical intervention.


Challenges in the logistics sector


Fast transport, robot operated ports, large computer databases… Logistics have never been faster or more modern. However, logistics are still heavily reliant on paper documents, which are completely at odds with simplicity and efficiency.

Every single step of a cargo’s transit, papers need to be filled out or approved, otherwise preventing the cargo from moving on to its next port. Current logistic processes involve many people and many documents, increasing the time required for a cargo to reach its destination. These processes are not thought out to take into account risks such as:

  • Lost documents
  • Absent members of staff
  • Unusually high volumes of containers
  • And any other unpredictable event


Our approach to making logistics more modern and transparent


In order for logistics to be more efficient, the transport process needs to be digital and transparent.

Thanks to the Olympe platform, you can create digital twins for every single one of your assets, whether physical or digital. No need for paper forms, everything is represented on the Olympe platform. And because everything on the platform is in real-time, including data synchronization, keeping track of your containers’ whereabouts has never been easier.

Take things a step further by adding a blockchain brick to your system. Not only will it keep your data safe, you can be sure your data is absolutely accurate (as it is immutable by definition). Because everything in the Olympe platform is data, this means both documents and processes can be saved onto the Blockchain.

As always, the Olympe platform is easy to integrate with any legacy system. So if part of your logistics processes are already digital, you do not need to worry about their compatibility with your new system.

A new approach

Start small, draw running prototypes in hours. Think big, distributed systems in days. Any device.



Drawing is universal, perfect to iterate on screen flows between business & tech teams.



Developers extend the living spec by focusing on where their skills matter most.