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Enterprise Digitalization-Doers, empowered and empowering

It’s not about painting your business with digital colors or scratching the surface of transformation. Companies need leaders who have the mission and vision to re-invent their industry, not only optimizing their enterprise with a bit of the latest tech, a bit of AI, a bit of blockchain, a bit of IoT.

The Winning Combination for IoT

Knowing that only 4% of that data is estimated to be actually used, there is a colossal opportunity to re-think and improve the way enterprises collect, manage, and interpret data.

Why Digital Transformation Fails (and how to start prepared)

Digital transformation can generate a lot of frustration. Everyone knows it is necessary, but no one is completely convinced that its company is going in the right direction. Find out what are the most common pitfalls and how to be prepared for them.

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