Open Innovation
for corporate game-changers



How: design thinking, let power users do the rest

What: stunning apps that live with the end-users

Any web/mobile


The how: focus on converging to true needs

The what: any device



The how: iterate visually, share, decide

The what: running apps in hours

Much like creating new interactions, what is key here is to find ways to help your colleagues work more collaboratively in spite of the fact they belong to different teams, have different skills and a different position within the company. It is time to leverage open innovation.


Challenges in inter-team collaboration


Because your employees usually belong to different teams and have different skills, working collaboratively can be quite tricky. If they do not manage to overcome these barriers, your company can find itself plagued with information silos and discontinuous workflows. This of course can affect your Research & Development teams, but also any area in which your colleagues need to collaborate.


Our approach to breaking down barriers: open innovation


One of Olympe’s priorities, and thus one of our platform’s biggest assets, is that we make inter-team collaboration seamless.


Our editors


Members of your teams choose to use DRAW or CODE depending on their coding abilities. DRAW even offers several editors to suit your colleagues’ individual skills and roles:

  • UI editor: design your solutions, assemble screens and connect data
  • Logic editor: define the project’s applicative logic through algorithms, processes and workflows
  • Data editor: define your business objects, their attributes and relations

Each editor has the tools your teams are most used to and routinely work with, which makes using the Olympe platform easy to use after a short induction. For instance, your UI/UX designer will have their design guidelines, brand books, fonts and colours integrated in the UI editor.


Real-time iteration


Not only do your teams benefit from dedicated work areas through our editors, the real-time nature of our platform makes inter-team collaboration even easier. Imagine: your UI/UX expert designs your prototype which can be deployed on your other colleagues’ devices in real-time. They can just as quickly send your UI/UX designer their feedback. Your designer tweaks your project. The result is visible instantly. Iterate as many times as necessary!

A new approach

Start small, draw running prototypes in hours. Think big, distributed systems in days. Any device.



Drawing is universal, perfect to iterate on screen flows between business & tech teams.



Developers extend the living spec by focusing on where their skills matter most.